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Project TacticBot

TacticBot is first project of our team - let's say it's our startup. It is online game based on machine learning (MLG) which is about to be launched in 2015.

When designing this game our main goal was to introduce innovative web game that does not require enormous amount of time and money to win. A game, You can easily play in little pause in work or school and with only few minutes daily You are able to be succesfull. However, if You have time to spend, game should offer you hours of fun - but we try to avoid disadvantaging of other players.

Game principle

Principle of game TacticBot is truly revolutionary. The game uses advanced machine learning algorihms that were scientifically studied and improved.
Game consists of two phases:

  • Training phase - when You, as a player, play and control your bot fighting in arena against opponent. Artificial intelligence of your bot is in this mode gathering information and learning, to succeed in combat phase.
  • Combat phase - in this mode real fun begins :). Watch your bot automtically decide and fight in arena against other similarly trained opponent. All the tournaments and important matches run in this mode. More effectively you train your tacticbot in training phase, more successful it is in combat phase.


Fight in arena is turn-based - in each turn you can choose one of the bot's actions. Each bot has it's original set of actions. As your bot evolves, it's stats improve and it learns new available actions to use in arena. Fight itself takes place in variable map and is full of unpredictable events. Bots also consist of variable components and have variable attributes so everyone can have original one. Because of this variability every fight in TacticBot is different.


TacticBot is browser game - that means all the management of your bots, all the rankings and tournaments run on web-page. Arena itself is programmed and designed in Unity3D and run in Unity Web Player - this plugin is supported in all Major browsers in Windows and Mac OS. Beautiful 3D enviroment allows you to fully enjoy all the animations and view bot designs in detail. In the case of success we are able to deploy TacticBot for different platforms.

If you are interested in this game or would like to support it's development, please, contact us!