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Cheat sheet that will teach you
how to count!

Math cards Animath can explain math to your kids friendly way. First side contains formulas and math principles in understandable format but real fun begins when you flip the card - you can play fun and challenging math games using your smartphone! Augmented reality techniques will project your kids' favorite character right onto Animath cheat sheet.

The goal of Animath is to teach math principles that are too abstract to understand for many scholars. With our entertaining hands-on approach your kids will love math like never before!

Imperial glory

You don't have to wait for your turn -
hurry up, the time is running!

Imperial Glory combines strategic thinking, competiton and history lessons into one, dynamic table-top game.

Unique game mechanic allow all players to play simultaneously, without waiting for their turn. Players send their military units to attack certain players or defend himself. Battles are evaluated in the end of each turn.


Tacticbot was our first bigger project. It was web game based on innovative game mechanic, where you teach your bot how to fight in 3D arena only by showing examples from real fight.

Although this project was not as successful as we expected, we learned lot of skills, such as programming advanced AI system, creating stunning 3D models and CGI effects. We also got a life-lection in project management and prioritization.

This project is no longer active.